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Evan Brown releases new EP
that is produced by his father,
John Brown, a popular local musician

by Michael Hixon

There was probably little doubt that
Redondo Beach native Evan Brown would
become a musician and singer/songwriter.
With John Brown, a local fixture on the
music scene for years, as a father, he was
surrounded by music from a very early

The younger Brown studied music for
four years when he attended Cal Poly San
Luis Obispo until his graduation earlier
this year with a degree in theater arts.
He played plenty of gigs near his college
throughout the years, as well many shows
locally at Tony’s on the Pier, Pancho’s, the
Fourth of July show at Seaside Lagoon in
Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach’s
100-year anniversary celebration, but he
felt it was time to take it to another level.

With his father as producer, Evan recently
released his first EP, “220 Lincoln,” which
features five original songs.

“Once my dad jumped on
board as producer, he
was like
‘All right, let’s start doing this. We’ll do it
this way and we’ll do it that way,’” Brown
said. “So it became bigger than myself. It
was awesome.”

All of the songs on “220 Lincoln” were
written at the address were he lived while
attending the college.

“It’s pretty much a culmination of my
college career musically in a lot of ways
... it reflects on things I was dealing with
and living through during that time of my
life,” he said.

Brown was born and raised on Avenue
C in Redondo Beach. He graduated from
South Torrance High School in 2007,
before heading off to San Luis Obispo.
He still has an apartment there, but he
currently is spending most of his time in
the beach cities where his father made a
name for himself.

“I always really wanted to be a musician
and more than anything I wanted to
be like my dad, whether I
wanted to be a musician
or not,” Brown said. “He
was like a rock star to
me as a kid and he was
my father at the same
Redondo Beach native Evan Brown recently released his first EP.
time. I still think he’s one of the coolest
damn guys in the world. It was that type
of thing where I wanted to follow in his

With his father’s connections, accom-
plished musicians came on board,
including Oingo Boingo bassist John
Avila, who played with John Brown; gui-
tarist Billy Watts of The Mojo Monkeys
and Eric Burden and the Animals; The
Mojo Monkees and Mutator lead singer
and drummer Dave Raven; Rick Geragi of
Kid Brother; keyboardist John Thomas of
The Color Green, who is an El Segundo
resident; and nylon string guitar player
Max Mendoza of Sogo Takeover, who
went to Mira Costa High School and
teaches music locally.

The songs on “220 Lincoln” are an
eclectic blend of world reggae, folk, rock
and pop. Brown said the biggest challenge
with the EP, with all of his musical inter-
ests, was “figuring out what he wanted
as an artist to come through.” But his
father has had a lasting effect on him as
an artist.

“I fell in love with the music of my
parents generation more than anything,”
Brown said. “I’m constantly striving to
sound like I was coming from back then.
The amps that we used, the guitars that
we used were very ‘vintage,’ in that we
wanted a real sound.”
He added, “I have old school thought
about it, but I’m trying to bring a new
school spin.”
Brown said he hopes to book some
local gigs in the near future.

For more information, visit evanbrown-
music.net or on Facebook (facebook.
com/evanbrownentertainment) or Twitter


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Review: Evan Brown – 220 Lincoln EP


Evan Brown – 220 Lincoln EP (Independent)


Californian singer-songwriter Evan Brown is obviously working with good genes. He’s the son of John F. Brown, a professional musician and songwriter, and indeed, young Evan has been playing professionally since he was twelve.


His latest release, the five track “220 Lincoln” EP marks him out as rounded, confident wordsmith, with tunes to match. His soulful, sunshine approach to his music places him in a group of likeminded performers that includes well known names like Jack Johnson and Matt Costa, but listen closely and you’ll hear some intriguing influences at the fore of his sound.


The EP begins with “Donde”; a rush of neo-classical Spanish guitar announces its presence, before Brown and the band enter the fray. The original Latin feel of the track remains a constant, though it contends and combines beautifully with a ska rhythm and a muscular electric guitar. I’m not sure I’ve heard anything quite like it before.


“What If” is equally persuasive, with a jazzy urgency that will remind some of Rickie Lee Jones, and packs enough hooks for an angling convention. “Dreamin’” slows the pace, “Wed” deploys a chugging reggae beat, and final cut “Today” strips Brown’s sound back to the bare bones, and confirms all suspicions: “220 Lincoln” is a fine collection, and hopefully just a taster of things to come.



Phil S.